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Electronic Signatures and Secured PDFs

Securely sign and manage PDFs with E-Sign. Add multiple security layers to protect documents. Boost productivity and create efficient workflows across your business.

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Accelerate your Business with Electronic Signatures

  • Create efficient digital workflows
  • Reduce paper waste and CO2 emissions
  • Save time on daily administration
  • Reduce document turnaround time
  • Increase security and integrity

What is an Electronic Signature?

E-Sign’s digital signatures are 100% legally binding, indicating the signer’s intent to agree to the content of a document or a set of data to which the signature relates.

Our advanced signature capture technology means that all our digital signatures are 100% verifiable and backed by a unique digital certificate. We provide a full audit trail, incorporating key identifiers. E-Sign’s platform is secured via 256bit SSL encryption.

E-Sign supports most document file types such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF – ensuring all your important documents including your own current documents can be sent for electronic signature.


How to Digitally Sign a PDF using E-Sign

Upload Your PDF

Uploading PDFs to E-Sign is simple. To start the process, click ‘Get Started’ in the ‘New Signature’. You can add your PDF from one of the four options: Library, Device, Dropbox and Google Drive.

Upload your PDF Document

Enter Signer Details

Enter your signer’s name and email address. You can also add additional signers and specify the signing order. Add additional security with password protection and SMS authentication.

Enter PDF Signer Details

Add Editable Features

Now you’ll be able to view your PDF and add editable, drag and drop fields. Your signer will use these to fill in the document. This includes features such as signature placement fields, date stamps, checkboxes and text fields.

Add Editable PDF Fields

E-Sign and Send

Once you’ve added the digital signature field and reviewed your details, you’ll be able to e-sign your PDF. You can then send your document to your signer and wait for them to complete the process.

E-Sign PDF and Send

Extensive File Type Support

E-Sign supports most document file types such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF - ensuring all your important documents including your own current documents can be sent for electronic signature.

Protect Integrity with a Secure PDF

Once your documents have been uploaded and sent for electronic signature, they will be rendered into a secure PDF to protect the integrity of the document. All documents are uploaded via secure 256bit SSL encryption endpoints using HTTPS protocols.

Modernise Your Operations

In the digital workplace, paper documents are no longer the most efficient way of doing business. Optimise your operations with our digital platform and ensure your business stays one step ahead of your competitors.

The Only Trusted Digital Signature Provider on the Public Service Network

E-Sign is the only electronic signature provider trusted on the Public Service Network. The PSN is the UK Government’s high security network, which enables public sector organisations to work together, reduce duplication and share resources.

Government organisations and health trusts access the PSN for secure and trusted digital services, that meet strict regulatory requirements and provide assurance that the service they access has the highest security standards, is exceptionally reliable, and can address issues within a rapid timeframe.

With the rapidly growing digitisation of document management and cloud-based solutions, the need for trustworthy providers has never been more important. The E-Sign document management and electronic signature solution provides businesses with improved efficiencies and major cost savings, creating enhanced advantages over competitors.

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Benefits of Digital Signatures for PDFs

Digital Signature Certificate

Every completed PDF is supported by a digital certificate documenting the author, signers, devices used, IP addresses, time, and date stamps and much more.

E-Sign SMS Notification
SMS Two-Factor Authentication

Signers receive a one-time passcode via SMS that must be entered before they can access the documents.

Email Personalisation
Email Personalisation

Add your logo, email signature, and customise the email text to reflect your company branding, so your recipients know they are signing PDFs sent from you.

Full Form Functionality
Full Form Functionality

E-Sign offers versatile form functionality including text fields, radio buttons and checkboxes, so you can adapt E-Sign to fit your business documents. Dynamic field placement also allows you to place fields anywhere you require on your document.

Advanced Audit Trail
Advanced Audit Trail

Track and record your document transaction at every stage, with an easily retrievable, advanced audit trail for every signed document..

Multi-Language Application
Multi-Language Application

Send business documents in up to 9 different languages for international clients, improving customer experience and closing deals in a matter of minutes, with global time zone conversion for accurate date and time stamping.

Why Sign a PDF Electronically?



The key to good workflow is optimum efficiency. E-Sign allows staff to work their core job more productively, utilising streamlined secure document processes.


Cost Effective

Spend less time on administration and traditional paper-based expenses. Save on mail and associated expenditure.



With instantaneous delivery and rapid, secure authentication, there’s no need to wait days for document turnaround with E-Sign.

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