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E-Sign Field Creation tags

If you need to perform complex operations in your signature documents, you can use E-Sign field creation tags to do so.. You can find the formulas and a list of editable field properties on this page for you to add field tags to your signature documents, which works for both Word document or PDF’s.

Formatting field creation tags

You can use field creation tags to create add and request text boxes, and also signature fields to add to your signature documents. It’s important to understand how the formatting and properties for each field works for each field before you add them to your documents.
Please note, Fields tags must stay on one line of the document. i.e. the text within a field cannot run over multiple lines.

Field creation tag format

The base format for the field creation tags appears like the following:


Available editable parameters

Use the following table to add the appropriate parameters to your field creation tags.

Tag Name Available Values
request-text W:20 (Width: percentage)

H:10 (Height: percentage)

R:true (required field)

signature S:L (Size: S|M|L)
add-text W:20 (Width: percentage)

H:10 (Height: percentage)

TXT:some text (Text for add text field)

Example {{T:add-text|W:10|H:20|TXT:Some text goes here}}

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