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10 Things You Can Do to Go Green Today

Posted 16th June 2021

Our planet is truly a wonderful place. Our most basic, yet vital resources come from the world around us, with everything from the air we breathe to the water we drink helping to sustain life and human existence. Yet climate change, pollution and deforestation present a threat to this existence, as our consumption of resources becomes increasingly unsustainable and destructive.


At E-Sign, we believe that change can often start small and seemingly pointless actions can all add up to make a real difference. If, like us, you’re passionate about protecting the planet, here are some easy things you and your business can do to go green today.


1.Go Digital, Ditch Paper

Thanks to advancements in digital and electronic signature technology, businesses no longer need to rely on paper-based processes; they can now keep everything digital and eliminate the need for printing, scanning and physical paperwork storage entirely. With business operations and customer interactions moving increasingly online, eliminating paper-based processes from your business operations not only reduces paper waste and associated carbon emissions but also simultaneously improves efficiency, whilst also saving money on paper, postage and stationery, as well as on printing and scanning equipment.


2.Not in Use? Switch It off

Are you guilty of leaving devices on standby mode? If so, you could be using more energy than you realise. Standby is like a limbo state for your appliances; they’re not switched on but still receiving low levels of power. A prime example of this is your laptop or computer. Fully shutting down your computer at the end of the day instead of simply logging off could help to conserve precious energy. The same goes for any other appliance or lights that would be otherwise left on overnight. This will not only help save the planet but also help save you money on energy bills.


3.Repurpose First

In our consumer society, it’s often easy, cheap and simple to buy new items when old ones break or become worn out. Indeed, a lot of the things we buy are designed to be used once or twice and thrown away. Whilst recycling is an option to help re-use our existing resources and materials, we should first try to repurpose old items before we throw them out and replace them with new ones. This could be anything from getting creative and upcycling old clothes or furniture to something as simple as using an old bit of paper to make your shopping/to-do list.


4.Recycle Second

If all else fails and you can’t find a way to repurpose items, recycling should always be your second option. Whether at home or at work, deploying recycling bins that split waste up into its categories (e.g paper, plastic, and tins) can make it easier to separate and recycle waste. If you’re hoping to get this off the ground in the office, getting employees on board with the new recycling scheme is essential. Raising awareness of how and why your business is starting the programme can help improve engagement and boost further conversations around the environment and sustainability.


5.Work From Home More Often

Love it or hate it, working from home can bring many benefits to both businesses and employees. One of the more unexpected pros of remote working, however, is perhaps the reduction in carbon emissions due to a significant decrease in commuting. Indeed, it’s estimated that continuing to implement remote working practices post-coronavirus could eliminate 11.3 billion miles of commutes, equating to a significant two airports’ worth of emissions. By offering flexible and home working options, your business could reduce employee commuting miles, saving on carbon emissions and lowering your carbon footprint.


6.Go Green on Commutes

When you do venture into the office, choosing a greener mode of transportation can help to lower your carbon footprint. Walking and cycling are emission free ways of getting from A to B but public transport or car-sharing can also help reduce pollution and CO2 emissions. Your company could even encourage this cultural shift with a cycle to work or car-sharing scheme, offering incentives for cyclers or matching employees to one another to encourage sharing a ride to and from work.


7.Ditch Single-Use Plastics

We all know the devastating impacts that single-use plastics can have on the environment, especially the pollution they add to our oceans and seas. Single-use plastics are a particular scourge on the planet; those plastic cups your employees or visitors use once can last for up to 50 years in a landfill. Switching from plastic to biodegradable alternatives like wood or bamboo is a great place to start and offering reusable branded items to your employees could be a great opportunity to cut waste and also promote your company.


8.Update Those Old Appliances

If you’ve had your business appliances for longer than you can remember, there’s a good chance you could be using more energy than you should. Indeed, since 1992, white goods have been labelled with colour-coded energy rating labels, informing buyers about the efficiency of their appliances. While switching to an A+ or above grade appliance is definitely an investment, it can ultimately reduce your overall energy consumption and monthly energy bills. But make sure you re-home or recycle your old white goods!


9.Switch to LED Lights

Perhaps the easiest switch on our list, opting for LED bulbs to light your office rather than fluorescent and incandescent bulbs is a simple switch that makes a real difference. Overall, LED lights are 80% more efficient than their traditional counterparts, with the ability to convert 95% of energy into light and only 5% wasted as heat.  They also use less power than other bulb options whilst still offering the same amount of light, meaning you can keep the lights on for less energy and lower costs. LED bulbs can also last up to six times longer than alternative options, so your business uses fewer new bulbs overall.


10.Engage Employees

If you want to truly make an impact across your business and beyond, engaging your employees with new green policies and environmental initiatives is essential. Whether that’s creating a dedicated environmental committee, celebrating Earth Day or sending out internal comms about the company’s environmental policies, getting employees discussing environmental issues at work can have a positive impact on their day-to-day lives and the wider community.



Are You Looking to Move Towards a Greener Way of Working?


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