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10 Ways Electronic Signatures Can Help Your Business Take Charge in 2022

Posted 17th January 2022

With the new year firmly underway, many business owners will have no doubt set new goals and targets for their business to achieve in 2022. Maybe you’re looking to reduce operating costs or boost productivity. Maybe you simply want your team to work together better.

If you’re looking to get the most out of the new year, an electronic signature could be just the thing your business needs to re-energise its operations and smash your goals for 2022. Let’s take a closer look at how e-signatures can help you take charge of your business this year.


1) Get Organised, Stay Organised

For companies that rely on paperwork as part of their daily operations, managing documents can become a time-consuming task. Look around your office. There’s probably at least one filing cabinet full to the brim with documents that someone had to file. Electronic signatures enable you to sign documents digitally. No need to print out hard copies for signing.

Decreasing the paper processes of your business administration makes managing your transactions a lot easier. Say goodbye to filing paper documents and contracts. Using an electronic signature and digital documents enables you to create, send and organise your important paperwork in just a few clicks, reducing the time and effort that goes into keeping your business organised.


2) Make 2022 the Year You Ditch Paper

It’s safe to say that paper processes are quickly becoming outdated in the modern office. Most businesses rely heavily on computers, applications, and digital software to get the job done. If your business is still using paper, there’s a good chance that your processes aren’t as efficient as they could be. There’s also the environmental and cost implications of printing and disposing of paper documents.

Implementing an electronic signature solution could make 2022 the year your business ends its dependency on paper. With a digital signature on the case, they’ll be no need for you to print out documents for signing, so you can reduce if not entirely eliminate your paper consumption. A win-win for the planet and your finances.


3) Impress Customers With Digital Docs

Traditional signature processes aren’t only tiresome for  your employees but also on the modern customer. Having to print, sign and either scan or post a document creates a lot of work for your clients- and that’s if they have access to a printer or scanner in the first place.

Keeping things digital with an electronic signature is less hassle for everyone. Your clients can view, e-sign and return your documents simply by clicking on an email link and digitally signing the document. . After all, you want to make doing business with your company as easy as possible.


4) Make Your Day-To-Day More Efficient

As the old saying goes ‘time is money’, so your business needs to ensure it uses employee time as efficiently as possible. This is where electronic signatures really shine. Introducing paperwork into a mostly digital workflow creates unnecessary and time-consuming steps. Think printing, scanning, posting, filing. Carrying out all these low-value admin tasks cost your business precious minutes, hours or days of work time.

With an electronic signature, eliminate the admin that goes into managing paper, creating, signing, and sending out digital documents in just a few clicks. For instantly more efficient workflows, get rid of paper and ink signatures.


5) Power Collaboration Between Colleagues

For any business, establishing easy collaboration between colleagues is a prized goal. Poor collaboration can lead to inefficient processes, lower productivity, and a frustrated workforce. Using an electronic signature and digital documents can help boost the collaborative capabilities of your team, eliminating time-consuming, paper-based processes the slow down communication.

Whether you’re onboarding new employees, signing off internal approval or updating workplace policies, keeping your documents makes it easier for employees to engage with one another and vital workplace documents. This ultimately empowers your workers to be more efficient in their communication with colleagues, managers, and external stakeholders.


6) Slash your document turnaround time

It’s no secret that an electronic signature can optimise your workflow from start to finish. With a digital signature in your toolbox, you can reduce your document turnaround time- and close those business transactions a lot quicker than with paper documents and ink signatures.

By keeping your documents digital, you not only eliminate unnecessary steps such as printing, scanning, and posting but also make it a lot easier for your customers to fill in, sign and return your paperwork. This means that you not only get your forms out quicker but are also likely to receive them back sooner too. Time is the essence for businesses, so closing transactions sooner rather than later will be an extra feather in your cap in 2022.


7) Empower Remote/Hybrid Working

The way we work and run our businesses is changing. Long gone are the days when work was only carried out at the office. These days, your employees can work from anywhere with an internet connection- and more and more businesses are adopting hybrid and remote working options.

There’s just one issue; paper documents and traditional signatures simply don’t fit into this new way of working. With an electronic signature, your employees can easily transition between office and home working, safe in the knowledge that they candigitally sign documents . By investing in e-signatures as part of your wider digitalisation strategy, you can ensure your business remains operational and productive no matter what’s thrown at you.


 8) Ramp up Your Security

Sticking with traditional signature methods often means that you’re sending out sensitive contracts or documents in the post, or otherwise arranging time-consuming in-person meetings for every signature you have to collect.

With an experienced digital provider like E-Sign, you can be sure that all confidential data is protected by expert cybersecurity, as well as extra protective measures. Many electronic signature providers offer SMS authentication or password protection options. Some (like us) even have a built-in ID checker for your documents, ensuring only authorised parties can access and view the information.


9) Add Easy Automation

Keeping your documents digital with an e-signature offers your business the opportunity to create bespoke and effective workflows. With software like Microsoft Power Automate and Zapier, you can add simple, yet effective, automation into your processes. No coding is required.

Instead, you use pre-set ‘triggers’ and ‘actions’ to help create the workflows you want. This allows you to take your digital processes a step further and encourages collaboration between the apps you use to get the job done. Setting up automation reduces the effort and time your employees have to put into managing documents, allowing your company to dedicate more time to tasks that add greater value.


10) Take the Stress Out of Audits

For many businesses, carrying out audits for compliance purposes is a fact of life.  This often involves employees searching through countless paper files to find the right documents. If your business still uses paper documents, you’re definitely missing a trick. It’s time to stop wasting valuable working hours sifting through files in 2022.

Using an electronic signature to digitise your documents makes carrying out audits simpler. With digital files stored in the cloud or on your hardware, you can easily locate the document you need by simply searching for keywords. With date, time and IP stamps on your electronic signatures, you also have additional and accurate information about who and when your documents were signed.


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