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5 Ways E-Sign Improves Collaboration With our Document Transaction Management Solutions

Posted 15th October 2020

Successful collaboration is the cornerstone of any business.  Indeed, exchanging ideas, sharing knowledge, and working together towards a common goal is the lifeblood of the business world. As the saying goes, no man is an island and insular working patterns rarely result in the creativity and productivity that’s needed to drive a business forward.  With all the technology available to businesses these days, collaborating with clients and colleagues has never been easier. With phone systems, softphones, and emails, it’s convenient and simple to get in contact with colleagues and work together on projects, no matter where you are. When it comes to managing document transactions, however, the process is often disjointed and fragmented, making collaborating with colleagues significantly more difficult. While many businesses have moved office communications online, for many companies, much of the document management process has yet to be digitalised. That’s where E-Sign can step in. With our streamlined document transaction management, collaborating with clients and colleagues has never been easier. To show you just how much easier life is with E-Sign, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 ways that E-Sign’s platform improves collaboration both inside and outside your organisation and helps you to power your business forward through dynamic interactions.


1.Easily sign documents with our electronic signature

A key part of collaboration is reaching an agreement and proceeding in a way in which all parties are satisfied and understand what’s expected of them. In business, the easiest way to ascertain this agreement is via a signature. From business contracts with clients to HR forms with colleagues, the business world runs on agreements and signatures. Yet in a fast-paced dynamic environment, traditional signature processes simply cannot keep up and can dampen the reactivity that collaboration generates. E-signatures, on the other hand, support efficient collaboration with clients and colleagues, allowing you to send documents and collect signatures quickly and conveniently.

With E-Sign’s document management platform, you can easily collect signatures, sign documents or co-sign with multiple parties, tracking the process every step of the way and receiving alerts when your signer returns a document. For documents with multiple signers, you can enable sequential signing to collect signatures in a specified order, ensuring the document will not be sent to the next signer until the preceding party first signs the document.



2.Share documents in a few clicks

By using E-Sign’s platform, you can easily share documents with your signers. After uploading a document onto the platform’s dashboard, you can select the sending option you wish to use. As the emailing process is integrated into the platform, you are then invited to add the signer’s name and email address, personalising the email content to provide additional details for your client or colleague. To make the signing process as easy as possible, you can make your document editable, dragging and dropping interactive elements such as signatures, text boxes, dropdowns, and checkboxes for full webform functionality. This means your signer can easily edit the document online, providing the information you need without having to download the form or print it out.


By using E-Sign’s platform, you can easily share documents with your signers.


This digital process makes it easy for users to sign and return a document, resulting in a reduced turnaround time for you and a quick and convenient process for your clients and colleagues. With the ability to easily share documents and obtain written confirmation of agreement, your business can benefit from quicker collaboration and streamlined document management.


3.Personalise emails and communications

Excellent communication is a key feature of successful collaboration. When communication is ineffective and unclear, it can result in mistakes, confusion, and unnecessary frustration. This is why you can personalise all communications you send from the platform, providing your colleagues or customers with additional information and instructions about the document they need to sign. Before you send the document for signing, you can personalise the accompanying email, adding a subject, preview, and description. In addition, you can also attach further documentation to support your e-sign request, allowing you to send extra details to clients or colleagues in one email and ensuring you keep communication clear and concise.


Excellent communication with E-sign

For an advanced level of personalisation, you can also add your company’s logo. This feature allows you to establish uniformed branding across all emails sent from both inside and outside the platform, ensuring that your customers recognise your brand and providing them with additional confidence in your company and documents.


4.Embed ID verification, payment gateways and two-factor authentication

To simplify your document transactions and make collaboration easier, E-Sign’s document management platform allows you to integrate additional processes into your e-signature collection. Designed with convenience in mind, E-Sign’s platform has options to embed an ID checker, payment process and two-factor authentication into your transactions. This allows you to combine multiple transactions into one, making collaboration easier and more efficient for you and your signers. Enabling each add-on is easy, involving a simple click of the button on your part, and some additional information from your client or colleague.

For our ID checker, this includes entering additional details such as date of birth, address, and passport information, which is then screened against our global database to confirm your signer’s identity. For payment capture, your signer is re-directed to an integrated payment gateway and asked to enter their banking information, so you can ensure timely and straightforward payments. By embedding these elements into your e-signature collection, your business can benefit from integrated document transactions that significantly speed up payment and e-signature collection, allowing you to complete deals and paperwork in just a few clicks.

How to use E-Signs ID verification tool

5.Collaborate with people outside your organisation

At E-Sign, we understand that every business needs the ability to collaborate with people outside their organisation. This is why we make it easy to share documents and collect signatures and payments from people outside your company. In addition to this, anyone can receive and sign documents from the E-Sign platform- without having to register an account with us. At E-sign, we want to make document transactions as simple as possible. In some sectors, complicated and overwhelming document processes can be a turn off for clients, who may end up walking away from the deal. Providing the smoothest, most convenient customer service possible will help you to complete those transactions with minimal hassle to your clients, and to yourself. Simply enter the external client’s email address and they’ll be sent a E-Sign link straight to their inbox. From there, they can sign and return your document without ever having to leave the E-Sign platform. It’s so simple that the e in E-Sign may as well stand for easy!


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