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Digitalisation for the Modern World

Posted 3rd August 2020

In an increasingly digitalised landscape, things that once involved paper and pen are quickly becoming obsolete. Remember when you had to swipe your credit card with carbon paper and sign for every transaction? Or when transferring money meant writing out and signing a cheque? These days, you can pretty much do anything with the touch of a button.

While these innovations have the ability to make our lives easier and more convenient, with great power comes great responsibility. As technology evolves, so too do the security systems that keep your sensitive information and hard-earned cash safe from hackers and cybercriminals. With security technology under constant development, digitalised processes can end up being more secure than their offline counterparts.

Our electronic signatures are a perfect example of this. There’s a common misconception that an electronic signature is simply a digitalised version of your handwritten signature. This couldn’t be further from the truth. When you sign documents through E-Sign, every electronic signature or payment process is backed up by enhanced security, ID verification and a digital audit trail.

Can paper and pen do that?

With the electronic signature market expected to grow around 26% in the next 5 years, your business may now be one of the many considering moving to an electronic signature solution. As with many business changes, some of the biggest questions are often “how will this impact my business?” and “is it secure?”.


How Does the Digital Signature Process Help you?

E-Sign’s e-signatures are essential to an ergonomic and efficient workflow and a cornerstone of digitalised document processes. Our platform allows you to take paper-based admin tasks, transactions and legal agreements and streamline signature collection and processing.

Imagine a world where you no longer need to print, post, scan, or file- our e-signature platform eliminates all of this, allowing you to send and sign documents online.

When it comes to the legality and validity of electronically signed documents, there’s no need to worry. Electronic signatures have been legally acceptable since 2000 under the Electronic Communication Act and eIDAS compliant since 2016.

What’s more, every document signed with E-Sign is supported by a digital certificate documenting the author, signer, device, IP address and time and date stamp, providing additional information to link the signer to the document.


Am I More Exposed to Fraud online?

At E-Sign, we understand that the safety of sensitive data is a top priority to our customers. In a world where information is king, your data is a valuable commodity- and cybercriminals will stop at nothing to get their hands on it. That’s why we ensure our platform and website are 100% secure so you can have peace of mind that your data and document details are fully protected.

While the internet can help us get the most out of our business, it can also pose a threat to our information. With fraudsters, scammers and hackers become increasingly sophisticated and worryingly common, you can never be quite sure who you’re communicating with via email. At E-Sign, we recognise this risk and have implemented a water-tight solution to combat fraud and deception.

Our electronic signature platform ensures the identity of the signer is 100% verifiable. With our embedded iD-Checker, we screen the personal details of your signer against a host of positive and negative datasets from a global ID database, verifying client identity and eliminating the risk of fraud.


Stay One Step Ahead With E-Sign

With the modern business landscape moving towards increased digitalisation, make sure your business stays ahead of the game with E-Sign. When technology develops so quickly, modern businesses need to evolve to survive; companies still relying on pen and paper are bound to get left behind. If you’re looking to develop your business strategy to a more productive, secure process, then electronic signatures are a good place to start.

As remote working becomes a staple of modern working life, businesses need to stay flexible and agile. Digitalising your processes helps you to increase efficiency and productivity, especially when working from home. When COVID-19 hit, businesses with digitalised processes were able to transition to home working a lot more smoothly than those still reliant on paper-based admin. Make digitalisation part of your business continuity and ensure your business is ready for anything with E-Sign’s electronic signatures.


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