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E-Sign At The Top For Value And Ease Of Use Compared To Many Of Its Competitors

Posted 29th May 2020

The electronic signature or digital signature market has shown rapid growth due to increased efficiencies and cost-savings when compared to traditional wet signatures. E-signatures are an extremely simple proposition when implemented and E-Sign has been helping countless UK and international companies adopt the technology.


‘Among electronic signature business users, 81% experience an ROI in a single 12-month budget cycle, while 25% in three months or earlier.’


Utilising electronic signatures for document processing cuts scanning errors by 92% and reduces missing files by up to 66% according to finance online. The savings due to this improved productivity and efficiency would be more than enough for many businesses however there are additional savings to be had from using electronic document signing.


Compare E-Sign

E-Sign have found that our pricing structure in comparison to our competitors is extremely attractive for our customers. During the Coronavirus pandemic, it has become apparent that many have reduced budgets but with a greater demand for e-signature tech. Our pricing structure and straightforward sign-up process has allowed new customers to rapidly move across to electronic signatures and quickly take advantage of the efficiencies this brings.


‘Businesses using e-Signature tools are able to cut down document handling costs by as much as 85%’


Today more than ever company finances are under the microscope and every saving, in not only costs but improved efficiency and productivity allow businesses to grow. Get your document signed faster without the headache of traditional delivery times and keep your business bottom line healthier than ever.


‘Businesses achieve an 80% average reduction in turnaround time using e-Signatures’ Ombud Open Research


On average E-Sign is 20% cheaper than similar providers so whether you’re wanting a pay as you go set up or a more individualised system we are here to help.

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Some of the great features included in all our paid plans:

  • Unlimited esignature features
  • Unlimited template creation
  • Up to 4 documents per envelope
  • Up to 13 signers per document
  • Unlimited access to support team

Not only will you save money with E-Signs cost structure, but you’ll save expenditure on the associated costs from traditional methods so try us free today

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