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E-Sign Celebrates Earth Day

Posted 21st April 2021

April 22nd marks the annual Earth Day, a day where we all come together to show our support for the environment. Here at E-Sign, we strongly believe that we should leave the planet in a better state than we found it. That’s why environmentalism and sustainability are a firm part of our values and approach. To celebrate earth day this year, we’re looking at how we’re going green and how our digital solutions are helping other businesses achieve their environmental goals.


Our Commitment


Plastic Buster Partners

We all know that plastic is damaging for the environment, it pollutes land, sea and endangers animals in the wild. Plastic Busters aims to protect our planet with the ‘RE’ strategy:  REfuse, REduce, REuse, REpair, REfurbish, REmanufacture, REpurpose, REcycle and REcover.

At E-Sign, we’re proud to partner with Plastic Busters and have taken the Plastic Buster Pledge to reduce the use of plastic in our business, especially single use plastics that end up straight in the bin. As part of the Plastic Buster Pledge, we’ve even had our very own tree planted on our behalf by the folks at Plastic Busters. Certainly a worthy cause to support.


Unesco Biosphere Isle of Man

As well as partnering with Plastic Busters, E-Sign also supports Unesco Biosphere Isle of Man. While E-Sign was founded in Liverpool back in 2012, we’ve since set up a second office in Douglas, Isle of Man. A cause close to the hearts of many of our employees, Unesco Biosphere Isle of Man helps to protect the unique and beautiful habitats on the Island, ensuring it remains a special place to work, live and explore.

This is why E-Sign have taken the Unesco Biosphere Pledge alongside other Manx businesses and organisations. As part of the Biosphere Pledge, we ensure environmental and sustainability considerations help guide our decisions and the direction in which we shape our business.


Our Digital Solutions

At E-Sign, we offer first-class electronic signatures and digital document solutions to businesses and organisations across the UK. Our solutions are designed to improve operational efficiency and workflows, making digital technology accessible and easy for businesses of all types and sizes, no matter where they’re at in their digital journey. In addition to this, our digital solutions have another important function; eliminating paper-based processes by keeping everything online.

For years, paper has been the life blood of administration and business operations. Until the dawn of the digital age, everything from contracts to communications was dependant on reams of paperwork, all of which has a negative impact on the planet. With E-Sign’s digital technology on the case, we offer businesses a superior alternative to paper, enabling them to go entirely paper free, save money, and reduce their carbon footprint in the process.


Are you looking to make your business greener in 2021? Why not try our 14-day free trial to see how much paper you could save with E-Sign.


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