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E-Sign Provides Digital Solutions to All Industries

Posted 15th April 2021

It’s official. E-Sign can be used across virtually every industry to improve productivity, reduce costs and streamline your operations.


No matter what sector you work in, E-Sign’s electronic signature and document management platform can help your business achieve its optimal workflow. If you’re tired of signing endless documents or digging through piles of paperwork, keep reading, E-Sign’s digital signing solutions are definitely for you.

At E-Sign, we don’t just stop at e-signatures, however. Our range of digital solutions are designed with streamlined operations in mind.  From simple solutions such as password protection, electronic signatures, and personalised emails to advanced tech such as ID verification, payment gateways and APIs, E-Sign has everything that your business and sector needs to get the most from your digital solutions.

In this blog, we’ll be taking a look at some of the industries that stand to benefit enormously from E-Sign solutions. The advantages of our digital technology may surprise you.


E-Sign for Accounting

When people think of accounting, they probably think of numbers in spreadsheets. If you work in the accounting sector, however, you’ll know just how much paperwork is involved in your day-to-day work and the running of the sector in general. Implementing a digital signature and document transaction system can reduce the hassle of tackling paperwork.

  • Simplify Sign off- In the accounting business, collecting multiple signatures is a large part of the approval and sign off process. With E-Sign on the case, you no longer have to deal with paper-based signature collection. Instead, you can simply send the document straight to your colleague’s inbox, allowing them to sign and return in just a few clicks.
  • Better storage-Paper-based storage takes up your time and office space. Keeping your documents electronic allows for simple digital storage- no more scanning required! When a document has been signed, it will be automatically stored on the E-Sign platform. From here, you can easily download and file your documents within your chosen file structure.
  • Password protection-If you’re sending sensitive or confidential information to your colleagues and clients, E-Sign allows you to add password protection to your document. Your client will have to enter a unique password before they can access and sign the document, ensuring your documents are only ever viewed by the intended recipient.


E-Sign for education

Whether you work in a school, university or college, educational institutions stand to benefit immensely from implementing E-Sign’s electronic signature and document management platform. We’re already used and trusted by prestigious institutions such as Oxford University and Chichester College to help streamline their operations and reduce paper-based processes.

  • Permission slips- If you’re working in a school, collecting permission slips can be an essential part of school trips and activities. Rather than send out the slips through the post (expensive) or rely on the pupils to pass it on to their parents (crumpled up in the bottom of a bag), send the digital form straight to their email for easy signing.
  • Enrolment documents- For students enrolling in university or college, there’s often several forms they need to fill out in order to register. Make sure this process is as easy as possible with E-Sign. Our documents are designed to be edited and signed, so no printing or awkward editing is required.
  • Easier administration- Whether in a school, university or college, administration staff often have the mammoth task of keeping track of forms, registration, and accounting all at once. E-Sign’s platform can help streamline operations, helping your department save both time and money with our document transaction system.


E-Sign for Government and public sector

E-Sign’s digital solutions are perfect for use by Government departments and public sector organisations. We’re an approved supplier on the G-Cloud Digital marketplace and the only electronic signature provider that’s PSN certified. Compliant with Government security and fully vetted for use on the Government network, we’ve ensured that E-Sign’s electronic signature and document management platform are easy to implement in public sector organisations.

  • Cost savings- With Government departments and public sector organisations under constant pressure to optimise operations whilst reducing spending, you need digital solutions that work for you. Say goodbye to printing, filing and postage costs and hello to time-saving possibilities with E-Sign’s document management platform.
  • HR and personnel forms- Why waste time, money and resources on HR and personnel forms? Simply edit your template with the relevant details/ branding and send it straight to your employee’s inbox. Simple for you, efficient for them. Everybody wins.
  • Better security- As a Government organisation, the safety of your department IT is of paramount importance to your reputation and GDPR. The E-Sign platform is IS027001 certified and makes full use of data encryption and firewalls to ensure the integrity of your data.


E-Sign for Healthcare

At E-Sign, we’re proud to have been working with the NHS for over 6 years and bringing the time and cost saving benefits of our technology to such an essential service. In a modern health care environment, paper-based processes can no longer keep up with the demands placed on your NHS trust or GP surgery. Optimise administration with E-Sign.

  • Paperless prescription- Switching from paper-based to digital prescriptions can bring a plethora of benefits to a doctor’s surgery or NHS trust. It eliminates the cost of printing and means that the patient no longer has to act as a middleman between the doctor and pharmacist; prescriptions can be sent straight to the pharmacy.
  • Patient safeguarding- Ascertaining patient consent is made easier with E-Sign’s electronic signature. Keeping documents digital means you no longer have to print or scan; once a document has been signed, it can be stored electronically in your folder system, so you can get back to caring for your patient.
  • Time and cost savings- With the NHS under increasing pressure to save money and increase efficiency, small time-saving measures across the department can all add up to make a tangible difference. Eliminating paper and traditional signature processes is certainly a good place to start.


E-Sign for Insurance

Those of you that work in the insurance industry will know the amount of paperwork that needs processing on a daily basis, whether that’s insurance policy applications or claims processing. With E-Sign on the case, processing documents becomes a lot easier and more efficient.

  • Digital documents- Keeping documents digital ultimately allows your business to improve document workflow and eliminate inefficient paperwork. With the ability to send and stored documents electronically, our digital solutions help you reduce manual printing, scanning or faxing.
  • Easier KYC Checks-With our built-in ID checker, you can easily verify the identity of your signers and remain compliant with the Know Your Customer guidance. Before your client can sign a document, they must first verify their identity with personal data and passport info, all of which is screened against our global database to confirm they are who they say they are.
  • Personalised Email- When sending documents to customers and clients, you may want to add a personalised message or branding to your communications. With E-Sign, you can easily customise your messages in the way you want, cementing your brand presence in your client’s inbox.


E-Sign for Legal

Signing on the dotted line is a big part of the legal sector, whether you’re signing a contract or legal agreement. With the time-saving functionalities of the E-Sign platform on your side, you can ensure your signature collection process is as smooth as possible.

  • Legally Binding Signatures- Rest assured that digital signatures are fully legally binding and permittable in court. While there was some confusion over this back in the early 2000s, electronic signatures are now fully recognised and fairly commonplace in the legal sector.
  • Built-in ID Checker- If you need to verify the identity of your clients, say if you’re doing business remotely, E-Sign’s built-in ID checker is the ideal digital solution for you. This advanced functionality can be integrated into your document process for simplified transactions.
  • Faster Turnaround Times- With paper-based documentation, there’s often a slower turnaround time when it comes to signing and returning Keeping everything online allows you to reduce this turnaround time by eliminating unnecessary steps such as printing, postage, and scanning.


E-Sign for Logistics

No matter what your company is co-ordinating, paperwork is going to be involved on multiple levels. Implementing E-Sign across your business can help you and your employees keep on top of the necessary paperwork, simplifying your processes for better day-to-day document management.

  • Easy Storage- If you’re dealing with a lot of paperwork on a day-to-day business, your filing cabinets will fill up quickly. Keeping your documents electronic helps you free up physical office space and means that digital documents can be organised and easily found.
  • Sign on the go-The cloud-based nature of E-Sign means that it can also be used on a mobile or tablet, allowing employees to access and signed documents on the go. This is especially advantageous for delivery drivers or businesses with multiple offices, allowing you to access all your documents no matter where you are.
  • Simple payment collection- Another great feature of E-Sign is the ability to integrate a payment gateway into your document transaction, allowing you to collect a payment for your goods or services immediately once a signature has been collected.


E-Sign is a leading provider of digital transaction management solutions, supplying professional services including Electronic Signatures, Web Forms, ID Checker, Verification Tools, Personalised Emails, API and Payment Processing to businesses of all sizes across the UK.

To find out more about our E-Sign solutions and how they could transform your business, get in touch with us today.

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