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How digitalisation is Powering Small-Medium Businesses Forwards

Posted 13th November 2020

Running an independent, small-medium business is a challenge at the best of time, let alone during a global pandemic. Small-medium business owners have definitely been hit the hardest by the national lockdown, with issues surrounding cash flow, supply chains and employee self-isolation significantly impacting business operations. As England now enters a second lockdown, many small-medium businesses have been once again thrown into uncertainty and economic hardship.

Just because your business is  closed or restricted, it doesn’t mean the hard work stops; business owners are constantly thinking on their feet and making plans for the future.  Indeed, many small-medium business owners will now be looking to save money where they can, whilst simultaneously improving efficiency and maximising productivity and profitability. We all know that big businesses can save substantial amounts by digitalising, but most of us don’t realise that small and medium businesses stand to benefit enormously from embracing modern digital solutions and electronic signatures. Indeed, by modernising with digital document management, small-medium businesses can draw on enterprise-level technology for a faction of the cost, and a fraction of the hassle.


How Can My Small-Medium Business Benefit From E-Signatures and Digital Document Management?


Lower administration costs

Perhaps the biggest benefits to ditching paper and going digital is the substantial cost savings your small-medium business stands to make. The associated costs of paper-based administration are higher than you think, even for a smaller company. With monthly or annual outgoings on paper, printing supplies and postage fees, as well as filing supplies like folders, envelopes, and storage cabinets, you could be spending more than you realise on paper-based admin. Going digital eliminates the bulk of these expenses, allowing you to reduce your company spending and lower overall administration costs.

Why E-Sign: Unlike some of our biggest competitors, we can offer a payment plan to suit every business and every budget. Alongside our value-for-money monthly plans, we also offer a pay-as-you-sign service, which guarantees you only pay for the documents you e-sign and send. This allows you to tightly control your digital spending- without committing to a monthly plan.


Increased time savings

You need a customer’s signature to close a transaction or establish a written agreement. So, what happens next? You will probably need to visit them in person or post the document to the signer, both of which can be time-consuming processes. You might also be reliant on an analogue to digital approach, scanning the document to create a digital format and e-mailing it to your signer. They will then have to print it out, affix their signature, scan the signed copy, and e-mail it back to you… a process that can take hours or days depending how busy the parties involved are. Fortunately, when your business transitions to e-signatures and digital documents, you can streamline this process and keep it all online, allowing your signer to view and e-sign a document without leaving their inbox.

Why E-Sign: Our platform is designed with efficiency in mind and to pass on these time-saving benefits to you and your business. On E-Sign, you can upload documents, create reusable templates and insert editable features, including an electronic signature textbox. This webform functionality allows your signer to complete, e-Sign and return a document in just a few clicks, drastically reducing the turnaround time for you and making it easier for your customers.


Increased security and document integrity

While people can mistrust electronic signatures, they’re actually designed in such a way that makes them difficult to forge and highly secure. They also contain important data that make it easy to identify the signatories and ensure that it was really them who signed the document. Both of these ensure that your documents are seen and signed only by the appropriate people and that your data security is protected at all times. Security is further enhanced with the removal of unnecessary postal intermediaries and a secure document transaction management platform.

Why E-Sign: At E-Sign, we’re dedicated to providing secure and safe transactions for our customers. This is why we have options to integrate an advanced ID Checker, as well as SMS authentication and document password protection. Our ID Checker allows you to verify the identity of your signer, without the usual cumbersome scans of passports and utility bills. This provides an extra layer of protection against fraud and can help your business remain compliant with anti-money laundering legislation.


Improved customer experience

Using e-signatures and digital document management is not only convenient for you and your business, but also your customers and colleagues. Whether you’re using digital documents to close transactions with customers or sorting out HR documents with colleagues, streamlining documents with electronic signatures makes life easy for everyone involved. This frees up time for your employees and colleagues, whilst providing your customers with a smooth customer experience and user-friendly document solutions. For small-medium businesses, every customer counts. Ensuring transactions can be closed easily and efficiently with e-signatures is a worthy investment for your customer service strategy.

Why E-Sign: E-Sign’s document management platform allows you to provide quality service and impressive speed for customers and clients. We want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to sign documents, so we never ask them to make an account with us to view or e-sign a document. This means you can send items for signing straight into their inbox. In addition to this, we can also simplify transactions with options to integrate a payment gateway, allowing you to collect signatures and payments in one easy step. This results in simplified processes for your customers, and improved cash flow and better accountancy for you.


Reduced carbon footprint

If your business is looking to reduce their carbon footprint and make your company operations greener, electronic signatures are definitely a worthy investment. By using electronic signatures and digital document management, you will invariably reduce your paper consumption and produce less waste. This, in turn, allows you to lower your business’s carbon footprint and do your part in helping the environment. You can even use your company’s commitment to eco-friendliness as a unique selling point to differentiate yourself from larger, corporate competitors.

Why E-Sign: E-Sign’s document management platform can significantly reduce, if not entirely eliminate paper-based administration, replacing your document processes with an efficient, cost-effective and convenient digital alternative, so you can set and meet environmental targets for your small-medium business.


Are you a small-medium business looking to reduce your expenditure whilst boosting productivity? Get in touch with E-Sign today. Still not convinced? Why not try E-Sign for yourself with our 14-day free trial.


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