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How Does E-Sign’s ID Checker Work With Our Electronic Signature Solution?

Posted 18th September 2020

During our series on our digital iD Checker, we’ve covered the basics (What is an ID Checker?) and the benefits (Top 10 Benefits of ID Checker Verification) of using digital ID verification. In our latest blog on the subject, we’ll be discussing how E-Sign’s iD Checker works together with our e-signature process.  With our integrated management platform, you can combine two separate processes into one simplified transaction, embedding digital ID verification into your e-signature collection.


How Does Our E-Sign iD Checker Work?

At E-Sign, all our digital document solutions are designed to make life easier for both you and your clients. Our digital iD Checker is no exception.

E-Sign’s iD Checker is seamlessly integrated into the document management process, so you can easily collect e-signatures and verify the identity of your signers in one streamlined transaction. Embedding the E-Sign iD Checker into your e-signature process is easy and hassle-free, so you can successfully verify the identity of your signers without any additional effort on your part, and with minimal inconvenience to your customers.

So, how does our iD Checker work with our e-signature process?

For You:

  1. Upload your document as normal from your PC, Dropbox or Google Drive.
  2. Click ‘enable iD Checker on this option’ to embed our iD Checker into your electronic signature process.
  3. Once you’ve enabled the iD Checker, click on your desired sending option as normal.
  4. Fill in your signer’s name and the email address. Here you can also add additional signers, control the order of signing, add SMS authentication or enable password protection.
  5. You can then personalise the contents of your email, adding a subject and description to provide your signer with additional instructions or information. Here you can also add attachments, additional documents and change the certification language.
  6. In the next stage, you can drag and drop interactive elements onto your document.
  7. You will them be asked to review your document before you send it.


 For your Signers:

  1. They will receive an email containing the link to your document.
  2. Before they can access and sign the document, your signer will be directed to the fully digital E-Sign iD Checker
  3. Here, they’ll be asked to enter their personal details such as their name, date of birth, address and ID information
  4. Once submitted, their details will be screened against our global database to ensure your signer is who they say they are.
  5. Once positively verified, they will be redirected to your document to sign and return as normal.


Why Integrate E-Sign ID Checker Into Your E-Signature Process?

Simplified Transactions

By integrating ID verification into your e-signature collection, you can simplify your transactions and streamline your document management. All you have to do is enable E-Sign’s iD Checker before you select the sending options, and our advanced verification software will take care of the rest for you, collecting your signer’s personal details and comparing them with a global database to verify their identity. Your document will be returned to you, e-signed and verified, helping your business remain compliant without additional hassle or administration.

User-Friendly Processes

As well as making ID verification more efficient for your business, our integrated iD Checker also makes it easy for your signers to positively identify themselves, without the need to scan and upload images of their ID or passport. When you enable our iD Checker, your signers must prove their identity before they can access or sign the document and view potentially business sensitive content. Our iD Checker is quick and easy for your signers to use, allowing them to verify themselves in just a few clicks with minimal hassle or inconvenience. The whole process takes no more than five minutes and once completed, will instantly approve, or reject your signer by comparing the data against our E-Sign database.

Reduced Turnaround Time

By digitalising your document management with both electronic signatures and digital ID verification, you can reduce document turnaround time from weeks to days and help your business achieve a 30- 50% increase in productivity. With a fully digital ID verification process embedded into your e-signature collection, you can reduce the typical back and forth that’s involved in KYC and CDD, helping your business remain compliant and tick all the boxes whilst increasing the efficiency and speed of your transactions.

Digitalisation for the Future

With businesses and customers moving online, traditional signature processes are becoming increasingly incompatible with modern life and have begun holding companies back from achieving their true potential. The same can be said for most customer verification processes, which involve filling in additional forms and scanning copies of passports or ID cards.  With an integrated iD Checker, you can eliminate all of this and collect a verified signature in a matter of minutes. When paper-based processes are inefficient, costly and bad for the environment, digitalisation is the best way forward to ensure the longevity and continued profitability of your company.

Is your company looking to save time, money, and hassle on your document management and business processes? Contact us today and see how E-Sign can help you achieve all this and more.


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