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Integrating E-Sign and Google: Our Favourite Features

Posted 17th May 2021

At E-Sign, we understand just how important it is that your electronic signature provider and document management platform can work together with your other business applications. This is why we provide easy connectors to integrate E-Sign with some of the most popular and widely used business software on the market.


This week, our spotlight is firmly on Google. This tech giant offers a range of free and paid services and applications commonly referred to as the G-Suite, which encompasses all those well-known apps such as Gmail, Docs and Google Drive. We’ve ensured that E-Sign can integrate smoothly into all those Google favourite, ensuring an optimal workflow for you and your employees.

Here are some of our favourite features and benefits of integrating your E-Sign and Google applications:


1.Better Organisation with Google Drive

Google Drive is a free storage service offered by Google and used by over a billion people across the globe. With the ability to store, sync and share files across devices and with co-workers, Google Drive is a popular cloud-based option that works together with the complete Google Suite as well as E-Sign’s document functionalities. By integrating E-Sign and Google, you can open all documents stored on Google Drive with the E-Sign platform, allowing you to take full advantage of E-Sign’s functionalities, including web form capabilities, electronic signatures, ID verification and payment capture. For better organisation, you can also save all e-signed documents back into your Google Drive, ensuring all your important company documents are centralised in one place for an easily retrievable audit trail.


2.Optimised Attachments in Gmail

Perhaps one of the most popular applications in the Google Suite, Gmail is a free and reliable email service. In the business world, most communication and collaboration between clients and customers is carried out by email and via email attachments. It’s how we send each other documents, including contracts and agreements, which help us get the job done. With the E-Sign add-on integrated into your Gmail, you can electronically sign documents and agreements without leaving your Gmail inbox, sending signed attachments with personalised messages straight from your Gmail account. As Gmail is already connected to Google Drive, you can also automatically save signed documents in both your Google Drive and E-Sign platform for better organisation and recordkeeping.


3.Create and Send Documents From Google Docs

Google Docs is Google’s cloud-based document platform that allows users to type, edit, share and co-author work with their colleagues. If you use Google Docs to create documents such as contracts or agreements, integrating E-Sign’s technology into the application allows you to electronically sign and send documents without having to leave the Google workspace. With the ability to upload Google Docs to your E-Sign platform, you can save your created documents as a template, allowing you to reuse the lay out and content, reducing document creation time for a quicker, more responsive turnaround to customer requests or interests.


4.Easy Automation Capabilities Across G-Suite

At E-Sign, we want businesses of all sizes and digital maturities to be able to access and implement automation in their day-to-day document transaction management. That’s why we’ve developed pre-made connectors, alongside offering Microsoft Power Automate and Zapier options, to provide simple automation through ‘triggers’ and ‘actions’. This allows you to integrate greater automation into your document processes without any coding or extensive IT knowledge, empowering your business and its operations to benefit from less manual intervention, which is inefficient and can cause errors, whilst taking advantage of better collaboration and communication between your two workspaces.


5.Streamlined Workflow

Integrating E-Sign’s software into your Google account ultimately allows you to benefit from better collaboration between your Google suite and document management platform. Why waste time moving documents back and forth between E-Sign and your Google apps when you can integrate the two for a more streamlined workflow? With better collaboration between your business applications, you can create a better, more efficient way of working, eliminating unnecessary steps that take away time from productive work and allowing you to get down to business without the hassle of negotiating between two separate and siloed workspaces.


To see how your business could benefit from the powerhouse that is E-Sign and Google, why not try it for yourself with our 14-day free trial.


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