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Postage prices are on the rise. Is it time to switch to electronic signatures?

Posted 13th October 2021

On the Isle of Man, postage prices are on the rise.

The Isle of Man Post Office recently announced an 8% increase in the cost of postage to help meet the rising costs of postal operations. Coming into effect on October 25, the planned price hike will result in a five-pence increase in the cost of sending a standard letter, which will now cost residents 67p.

The Isle of Man Post Office has cited Brexit, customs changes and increased fuel and aircraft costs as a reason for increasing stamp prices, yet still insist that the costs are ‘highly competitive’ and ‘excellent value for money’ when compared to prices elsewhere.

This latest increase in postage costs further highlights the value of electronic signatures and digital documents, which help to reduce business expenditure by eliminating postage costs altogether.


Why your business should ditch paper and embrace digital

Beyond this, electronic signatures can also bring a plethora of benefits to your business, helping you to drive efficiency, security, and productivity, as well as savings.


  • Increased security

Sending documents for signing via your electronic signature provider is by far the more convenient and secure option. You can rest assured that confidential customer data will be protected by professional security measures such as encryption. Many e-signature providers will also offer additional security add-ons such as SMS authentication or password protection. This will ensure that only authorised parties can access and view the information either via a unique password or via 2-factor authentication

  • Decreased turnaround time

With digital processes on your side, your business immediately becomes more agile and responsive to customer requests, as well as benefiting from quicker turnaround times on both ends. With the ability to save templates on your E-Sign platform, you can easily re-use and edit existing content, drastically reducing document creation time. Your client can then sign and return your documents in just a few clicks so you can close the transaction as soon as possible.

  • Improved customer experience

With digital documents and electronic signatures on the case, you can impress customers and clients with an improved customer experience. For many digitally mature customers, paper-based processes are just a hassle; having to print, sign and either scan or post documents is a time-consuming process. Keeping everything digital ultimately makes life easier for your clients, allowing them to view, e-sign and return your company documents simply by clicking on an email and typing out their signature.


Is your business looking for a user-friendly and accessible e-signature?

If so then E-Sign should be at the top of your list. If you’d like to discover the benefits of E-Sign for yourself, try our 14-day free trial today. We’ll never ask you for payment information, so you can try our electronic signature and digital tools without any risk or commitment.


Why choose E-Sign?



The key to good workflow is optimum efficiency. E-Sign allows staff to work their core job more productively, utilising streamlined secure document processes.


Spend less time on administration and traditional paper-based expenses. Save on mail and associated expenditure.


With instantaneous delivery and rapid, secure authentication, there’s no need to wait days for document turnaround with E-Sign.


E-Sign is a leading provider of digital transaction management solutions, supplying professional services including Electronic Signatures, Web Forms, ID Checker, Verification Tools, Personalised Emails, API and Payment Processing to businesses of all sizes across the UK.

To find out more about our E-Sign solutions and how they could transform your business, get in touch with us today.

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