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5 Reasons Why you Sell More with Electronic Signatures

Posted 19th July 2021

Whether your business sells a product or service, your sales team will no doubt play a vital role in generating business and retaining customers.

Whether your business sells a product or service, your sales team will no doubt play a vital role in generating business and retaining customers. In an increasingly competitive market, having a quality sales team is absolutely essential to the growth of your business. Winning new customers, converting leads and upselling to existing customers are all important for creating and maintaining a profitable and financially stable business.

With this in mind, you need to ensure that your sales team stays at the top of its game, with efficient processes and digital technology empowering your team to make the most of every business opportunity that comes your way. Creating the right digital workflows can cut out the time-consuming admin and let your sales team do what they do best… sell!

But how can your team create an efficient workflow to begin with?

An electronic signature is an absolute must for any sales team looking to create an agile and proactive working environment.  Intrigued as to how an electronic signature could help you sell more? Here’s 5 ways that your sales team could benefit from a digital signature:


Increase Document Turnaround

Whether you’re a manager or part of a sales team, you’ll know just how important it is that you strike while the iron’s hot and make the most of any customer interest that comes your way. It’s no secret that paperwork and documentation are a vital part of the sales journey. Whether you’re sending out bids, proposals or contracts, your documents will help you win customers and business.

Being in sales is all about being proactive; that’s why you need an agile and responsive workflow to match. These days, paper-based administration simply cannot keep up. It doesn’t allow for the sort of efficiency, agility, and flexibility your sales team needs to flourish in a digital market.

Printing, scanning, posting- these are all cumbersome and time-consuming steps that can be eliminated with an electronic signature and digital documents, both for you and your clients. By keeping everything digital, you can improve your workflow efficiency, creating, signing, and sending documents, all on one user-friendly platform and eliminating those unnecessary steps that impede your productivity.


Convert Customers Quicker

Part of the sales team’s job is to convert leads into sales and to turn interested parties into your new customers. Whilst the journey towards winning new business can be long and arduous, the dotted line of a contract often represents the finish line when it comes to closing a transaction and winning business. Using an electronic signature and digital documents will help you simplify sales administration, reduce document turnaround time, and help convert customers quicker.

With an electronic signature, you can keep all your paperwork, well, digital instead, making it easier to create proposals, bids, and contracts. With the ability to create and store digital templates on the E-Sign platform, you can easily personalise pre-existing documents to your client, reducing document creation time and allowing you to respond to requests and interest quicker.

On your client’s side, using a digital signature allows them to view, e-sign and return a document in just a few clicks, without the hassle of printing, scanning, or posting your paperwork back to you. Making this process as simple as possible means you can collect signatures and close transactions much quicker. Our research indicates that using an electronic signature saw a 3-to-10-fold reduction in turnaround time, with one law firm reducing turnaround time from 21 to just 3 days.


Enhanced Customer Experience

Digital documents and electronic signatures not only help your sales team and business achieve new levels of productivity but also present an opportunity to impress customers and clients with your operational efficiency. For many digitally mature customers, paper-based processes are just a hassle; having to print, sign and either scan or post documents is a time-consuming process- and that’s if they have access to a printer or scanner. Keeping everything digital ultimately makes life easier for your clients, allowing them to view, e-sign and return your company documents simply by clicking on an email and typing out their signature.

Making sure your processes are accessible and hassle-free for customers is absolutely essential for your business and will help to leave your customers with an overall positive impression of your company and team. The ultimate goal here is to cultivate loyalty to your brand, ensuring you attract repeat business and lose as few customers as possible to the competition.

Happy customers are also the best possible advertisement for your business and can become your most ardent advocates. If you provide an impressive customer experience, your customers are likely to spread the word to their colleagues, friends, and family, expanding your brand presence for you and potentially attracting more customers to your business


Keep Track of Progress

Have you ever had a promising lead come into your inbox, only for it to fall into the sales abyss and make no progress? If so then your paper-based processes are not only slowing you down but also affecting your organisation and outcomes. The good news? With an electronic signature in your arsenal, you can take control of your transactions and ensure your team makes the most of every opportunity that comes your way.

Using an electronic signature to move away from paper-based admin and towards digital documents allows your business to embrace greater automation and integrated processes. Indeed, whether you take advantage of API or connectors, you can integrate your digital document platform with your CRM and take advantage of automatic updates.

If your business is frequently sending out multiple documents for signature collection and relies on closing deals and agreements as part of its daily operations, having automatic updates and notifications on your CRM makes keeping track of open and outstanding transactions easy, so you and your sales team can make appropriate follow-ups where required.

By connecting your CRM with E-Sign, you can easily keep track of your transaction progress and the status of your documents. Any changes made to your documents, whether your customer signs or a signature is still outstanding, will be automatically updated in your CRM and can be viewed by all employees working on that deal.


Add Multiple Signers

At E-Sign, we understand that your clients may have to consult a wide range of people before they decide to buy a product or service from your business. This could mean that your sales team end up liaising with more than one person, particularly when it comes to signature collection. To make life easier, your sales team can send the same copy of a proposal or contract to multiple parties, specifying a particular order in which the document needs to be signed and automatically sending your document to the next party.

An electronic signature is 100% unique and comes with an authenticating certificate, digital fingerprint and digital identification embedded into the document, recording the IP address, time, and date to ensure your signature is fully traceable and tamper-proof.

You can also send multiple documents at once, with the ability to sign and send up to 4 documents per envelope. This allows users to send multiple contracts plus additional information such as terms of conditions in one digital envelope for ease of access and for customers to sign online.


Are You Looking to Take Your Sales Team to the Next Level?

Get in touch with E-Sign today. Our user-friendly electronic signature and digital document platform have everything your sales team needs to compete, and succeed, in a competitive digital world. At E-Sign, we offer so much more than just an e-signature; we offer a complete digital toolbox to help you get the most from your document processes, including:

Allow customers to fill in and e-sign documents on your website, app or via email, collecting all the information you require in an easy and signable format.

With our embedded ID Checker, you can verify the identity of your e-signers to minimise the risk of fraud and ensure your transactions are secure.

Ensure strong, uniformed branding across all your communications and send documents for e-signature in a personalised email

Use E-Sign’s verification tools, anytime, anywhere to ensure your transactions are secure and fully verified.

Integrate E-Sign’s API e-signature software into your website today for a smoother digital experience for you and your customers.


Try E-Sign for Yourself

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