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Webforms – Have Your Documents Embedded For Secure Ease Of Use & Authorisation

Posted 13th July 2020

In an ever-increasing world where document digitisation is at the forefront of business efficiency, productivity and security, engaging an expert digital partner is essential. No matter what documentation you have, it can be utilised in the digital realm and to make sure that documentation is used in the most effective and secure way, so you can save time and money.

Using our expertise to embed Web Forms is a simple and easy process, allowing them to be utilised in your website, emails and apps, ready to fill in and authorise securely.

There is no need for paper-based forms or unsecure digital documentation. Our Web Forms allow you to create a more efficient authorisation process, whether it be for contract forms, registration forms, GDPR consent forms, information gathering and more.

The addition of an E-Sign Web Form allows you to receive documents that have been digitally signed or forms that capture marketing information digitally. Once an E-Sign web form has been completed, you receive a notification with the final form attached via email. This makes for a much more secure, cleaner and efficient form fill process rather than using word documents or excel spreadsheets. You are also provided with a digital trail of the information captured, making for an even more secure, traceable and transparent system.


‘74% of companies use web forms for lead generation, with 49.7% stating their online forms are their highest converting lead generation tool.’


Secure webforms with E-Sign


Try our sample GDPR consent declaration.


Web forms are an essential component for any business. Whether you are streamlining your HR document authorisation process or gathering information from leads to better understand your customers – exploiting web forms effectively is a sizable benefit to your company’s efficiency and growth.


‘Most online form users rely heavily on email marketing to connect users to their forms. Additionally, 62 per cent of users get more conversions when they embed their form on their website. Email a link to an embedded form and maintain brand consistency.’


How we do it


There is no need for you to do anything other than provide us with the document you require to be embedded. We digitise it and provide you with an encrypted URL to the file, which we can embed into your website and app or you can embed the form yourself into an email. All completed documents are securely stored within your own personal E-Sign account for you to manage as you see fit, alternatively, you can download them to your CRM.


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