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What’s your Sector? How E-Sign’s Document Transaction Management powers all industries forward

Posted 30th October 2020

Whether you’re in the private or public sectorwhether you practice law or medicine, our document transaction solution can streamline your document management and save you time and money. But how can one platform serve every industry? Integration and personalisation are key. With options to integrate advanced functionalities including an ID Checkerpayment gateway, API and personalised emails, you can tailor our digital technology to suit your business and your sector. Why go digital? No matter what industry you operate in, your business, organisation or institution stands to benefit enormously from going paperless. 


Improve efficiency  

Paper-based processes are rapidly becoming inefficient and out of place in a fast-paced corporate environment, with the numerous steps involved slowing down your business and dampening your productivity. With E-Sign’s document management platform supporting your digital transactions, your company can benefit from streamlined and efficient processes. By going digital, you can reduce time spent on day-to-day administration and invest your energies in other areas of your businessenjoying an upsurge in productivity by up to 30-50% in the process. 


Reduce costs 

By eliminating paper-based administration, your company not only stands to benefit from substantial time savings but also cost savings. Going paperless means your business can eliminate its current spending on paper, printing supplies and postage fees, as well as the cost of filing supplies like folders, envelopes, and storage cabinets, saving you money and resources that can be reinvested elsewhere in your business. When time is money, optimising previously inefficient processes will also have a direct impact on your company ROI, allowing you to maximise your profitability through greater efficiency and productivity. 


Userfriendly experience  

E-Sign’s platform can help your business or organisation provide a smooth user experience to your customers, service users or clients. By keeping everything digital, collecting signatures from clients, ascertaining agreement from employees/service users, and closing deals with customers is much more convenient.  Designed with simplicity in mind, external signers are not required to register an account with E-Sign and can easily access your document through a link sent straight into their inbox.  


How can your industry benefit from E-Sign? 

If your business operates within one of the following industries, you have more to gain from E-Sign than you may realise.  



Using electronic signatures, the accountancy sector can successfully digitalise the following paperwork: 

  • Employment contracts 
  • Engagement letters 
  • Confidentiality agreements 
  • Tax returns 
  • Fee letter 

Beyond this, embedding our advanced ID Checker can help accountancy and finance businesses remain compliant with AML regulation, KYC and CDD. E-Sign makes it simple to integrate ID verification into your document transactions, with this advanced add-on easily enabled and embedded into your signature collectionAutomatically screened against our sophisticated global database, your signer can enter their passport or driving licence details to verify their off-line identity before accessing and signing your document.    



Embracing e-signatures in the education sector can fully digitalise the following administrative tasks:  

  • Financial aid 
  • Grant requests 
  • Student loan applications agreements 
  • Offer letters 
  • HR documents 
  • ID documents 
  • Course enrolments 
  • Permission slips 
  • Timesheets 
  • Change-of-course forms 
  • Leave applications 
  • Student and Teacher reports 
  • Coursework assignment 

E-Sign has significant experience in the educational sector, having previously supplied our e-signature and document management platform to academic institutions such as Oxford University and The Chichester College Group, who are now benefitting from streamlined document management and simplified administration.  



With our e-signature and document management platform supporting your public sector organisation, you can easily digitalise: 

  • E-procurement and e-tendering 
  • Project management forms 
  • HR and personnel forms 
  • Departmental agreements 
  • Payroll and finance processes 
  • Procurement contracts and vendor agreements 

E-Sign has been an approved supplier on the G-Cloud Marketplace for some years now and has been vetted (and qualified) for use in the public sector, Government bodies and arm’s length organisations. 



In a fast-paced clinical setting where every minute counts, paper-based processes restrict that much needed agility and speed. With E-Sign you can digitalise the following and save valuable time: 

  • Patient records 
  • Audit and compliance processes 
  • Medical forms 
  • Prescriptions  

With the NHS under increasing pressure to save money and time, digitalising documents has the potential to free up significant time and resources spent on administrationallowing healthcare professionals to focus on their primary responsibility of providing medical care and support to patients.  



Sorting insurance often involves a lot of paperwork and back and forth between the provider and client. Our document management platform can streamline all of this for you by digitalising the following: 

  • Insurance policy applications 
  • Claims processing 
  • Renewals 
  • Adjustments 

Keeping these transactions online enables you to provide the best customer experience possible for clients, minimising turnaround time and delays with efficient processes and streamlined transactions. For transactions that require a payment, our integrated payment capture is just the ticket. With the ability to embed a secure gateway payment into your e-signature collection, you can combine two transactions into one, collecting payments instantly for improved accountancy, modelling and cashflow.  



As a case study by E-Sign revealed, there are a plethora of cost- and time- saving benefits to be made by digitalising documents such as:  

  • Retention & fee agreements 
  • Asset purchase agreements 
  • Confidentiality agreements 
  • Power of attorney agreements 
  • Shareholder agreement 
  • Merger and acquisitions 
  • Employment contracts 
  • Class action communications 
  • Board consents 
  • Client files 
  • E-filing with courts 
  • Company minutes 
  • Documents of incorporation 

By switching to digital documents and e-signatures, one law firm managed to save £284,000 on paper, printing, postage and stationary costswhile saving 8,258 in carbon emissions and reducing signature turnaround time from 21 days to just three 



Most people don’t recognise the enormous amounts of paperwork that accompanies the logistics sector, but we do. That’s why our document transaction platform is designed to aid the digitalisation of: 

  • Bill of landing 
  • Freight bill 
  • Customer of origin 
  • Cargo insurance certificate 
  • Waybill form 
  • Consignment note 
  • Dangerous good declaration note 
  • Packaging list 
  • Delivery note 

With Brexit set to throw a spanner in the works for both EU and international trading, the logistics industry stands to benefit significantly from the time- and cost-saving potential of E-SignWith paperwork set to increase post-Brexit, equipping your company with a simplified transaction management platform can help your business cope with the additional volume of documents.  



The reems of paperwork that go into recruitment are time consuming for both the employer and candidate. Using electronic signatures and digital transactions, you can go paperless with: 

  • Registration documents 
  • Employment contracts 
  • Client checks 
  • Candidate placement forms 
  • Client engagement 
  • Time sheets 
  • Terms of business 

Recruitment can be an expensive and lengthprocess, costing on average £3,000 per new hire. By digitalising your approach to recruitment, you can make the process as easas possible for everyone involved, finding the right fit for your business with minimal hassle or cost.  


Sale and Lettings  

Landlords have enough on their plate without having to deal with complex and confusing paperwork. Whether you’re a private landlord doing it all yourself or a sale and letting agency, our e-signature solution and digital document management platform can digitalise; 

  • Landlord contracts 
  • Tenancy agreements 
  • Terms of business 
  • Inventories 

This makes dealing with associated paperwork easier for both tenants and landlords alike, allowing both parties to make digital agreements quickly and conveniently 

Is your business looking to benefit from the power of E-Sign? Get in touch with us today to see how your industry can benefit from our document management platform.  

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