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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers for all your questions about Electronic Signatures.

E-Sign is faster, cheaper and more secure than signing documents by hand.

Deals closed immediately

  • No more waiting around for post to be delivered
  • Sign your own Document in minutes
  • Send documents for others to sign instantly

Reduce administration costs

  • Business can save up to £800/year on mailing costs
  • Simplify your administration with electronic signatures
  • Reduce carbon footprint and help stop de-forestation

QR Code Signatures

  • 100% unique and cannot be forged or replicated
  • Embed additional information (Company Name,
    Contact No. etc.)
  • Use any QR Code scanner to identify the signatory

Electronic signatures are just as legal as hand signatures along with the security and benefits of
technology and audit tracking.
Find out more on our Electronic Signature Legality page.

True advanced e-Signature

E-Sign provides a unique advanced electronic signature with ‘QR’ technology, which provides businesses with signature validation and enhanced security. We don’t use pictures of hand signatures at E-Sign. An advanced electronic signature is defined by statute and the DTI in the UK recommends electronic signatures as more reliable than using pen and paper.

Fast and user friendly

E-Sign is designed to be as fast and simple as hand signing with the addition of instant delivery, unquestionable unique security and safe long term storage with instant access.

Personal & secure ‘Digital ID’

Each time a document is signed a unique signature is created for that person and that document. When you sign your next document the advanced electronic signature creates another unique signature linking you and that document. A QR Code is created to enable the signatories to the document to access it instantly, simply scan or click the QR Code and the service takes you to the original document. If you ask for additional information about signatories (copy passport, driving licence or sock colour!) that information also becomes part of the signature.

Integrated with your existing workflow

If you can attach your file to an email you can sign with E-Sign. Whether you use Google Docs, Word, Pages, Excel or any other application (PDFs, video, pictures, diagrams) you can upload your file for signature. We don’t force any application upon you; simply use your existing applications and sign with E-Sign. For a seamless integration organisations can use our API or GUI to merge into their workflow and brand the service with their own logo.

Chase up your clients

The dashboard keeps you up to date with what you’ve signed, what is pending signature, what has been sent to you for signing and the documents you’ve uploaded. All your latest activity is listed and you can decide to chase pending documents to keep the workflow moving.

Full audit trail

The full audit trail within E-Sign keeps you informed of who has opened a document, signed and returned or rejected a document for signature. You can monitor progress from uploading your file to completion of the signature with the audit trail on your dashboard.

When a signature is submitted to a document, a Cover Page is generated containing the signature, with information about the signatory. Most of the time you will not need to verify the signatory, as you and the signatory were in contact during the signing process, but what if you weren’t involved?
You might be given a hard copy of a document where you weren’t party to the signing and you want to verify that the signature(s) on the cover page are valid. You can do that by the following:

  1. Scan or Click (if viewing PDF on a device) the QR Code on the cover page of the document. Your Computer/Phone/Tablet will take you to the document on and show a box with the relevant signature information.
  2. First, make sure that you have been taken to the website. You can do this by checking the first part of the URL in your web address bar reads: It will be followed by a series of random digits/letters, but the important part is to make sure you are on our
  3. Next, check that your web address bar is displaying a green lock icon next to the above URL. This ensures that you are on the website and using our secure data encryption certificate (the same security that banks use to encrypt user data while using the site). Depending on your web browser, you can click the green lock icon to show informations about ‘s SSL security certificate – It should state a 256-bit encryption, verified by RapidSSL.
  4. Finally check all the information in the signature verification, in particular the email address associated with the signature. The email should match the persons email who the signature belongs too. You can also close the verification box to double check the preview of the document to ensure it exactly matches the one you have to hand.

What do I do if I’m unsure about the verification?

In the unlikely event that someone tried to forge an signature it is quite straightforward to identify it.
Unlike a hand signature, where forgery is as simple as copying the persons signature mark, forging an electronic signature is a lot more difficult.
First, the forgerer would attempt to replicate a signed document. Then, they would have to embed links within each signature on the cover page to a website online that resembled the website. If you follow the instructions above, it would be easy to identify when a signature is forged – the name would not match ’’ and therefore any SSL security (the green lock) would not match.

Other things to remember

As we identify users/signatories via email, it is important to make sure you and other acquaintances you interact with on keep their emails secure. It’s extremely important to keep your email safe in general (think of all the personal data you keep stored in emails!), so here’s some tips to keep in mind:

  • Always use a secure password. Include letters and numbers and make it as long as possible.
  • Make sure you access emails over a secure connection. If you regularly access emails over shared WIFI (such as in a coffee shop) check that your communication is encrypted. Without going into too much technical detail, your email should always be securely encrypted with an SSL certificate (that’s the green lock you see in a web address bar). Gmail uses SSL encryption when you access your webmail.
  • Don’t use the same password for different online accounts. It’s generally a bad idea to use the same password for all your online accounts. Social networks can be particularly liable to be hacked and if you use the same password for them as you do for your email then it’s trivial for someone who’s hacked your social network account to access your emails where we might send secure signature links.
  • Don’t forward your secure private links to anyone. If someone requests a signature from you, we will send you a secure private link to access the document and add your signature. Make sure you don’t include these private links in any messages you forward/send to your contacts. Doing so will give them access to that particular document.

A QR Code is a graphic that stores information, a lot like shop bar codes.
You retrieve information from a QR code by scanning it, using an app on your phone or tablet. We store the digital fingerprint that identifies an electronic signature in QR Codes, which makes it easier to access the digital information contained within it.
Every electronic signature created via gets a unique fingerprint, which is stored in a URL, such as:

Every electronic signature created via gets a unique fingerprint, which is stored in a URL

When we generate the cover page PDF for your document that contains the electronic signatures, we embed these links so they are click-able when you view them on a computer, phone or tablet. But what about when you print the document out?
Without the QR Code you would have to manually type that address into your web browser. Nobody wants to do that and you would likely make a mistake.
Instead you can scan the QR Code using a scanner and you will automatically be re-directed to the signature verification page, where you can verify the signature and information.

What QR Code scanners can I use?

In time we’ll be releasing our own applications for iPhone, Android etc. that will allow you to scan our QR Code Signatures. In the meantime you can use any QR Code scanner. Heres some links for popular mobile devices.

QR Code scanners for iPhone

QR Code scanners for Android

If you have sent a document from your own email address to your own email address, E-Sign recognizes this and places the document in your E-Sign inbox on the dashboard. Consequently, an email notification will not be sent. If you would like to test the E-Sign platform, then please use a different browser with a different email address.

We offer a free trial of E-Sign. To register for this and set up your E-Sign account, simply click here.

E-Sign can be accessed anywhere on a range of devices including Laptop, tablets and mobile phones. E-Sign also has free Android and iOS apps

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Internet explorer

The status of a document can be checked via the E-Sign dashboard. Reminders can also be sent to the recipient of a document.

Please click here to check out the latest features.

Check your email address and password are spelt correctly. If you are still unable to login, you can reset your password by clicking “Forgot password.” If you follow the password reset process, and you are still unable to log in, please contact the E-Sign support team at

The simple answer is No. Recipients do not need to have an account to receive a document from the sender. When the document is sent, your recipient will receive an email containing a unique link. After clicking the link, the recipient views and signs the document in the E-Sign platform. Recipients are able to sign securely in seconds.

  1. Click on the red figure on the top right hand corner of the page
  2. Click “Account”
  3. Click “Add new” next to “Team”

E-Sign offers more than just a computer simulation of a hand signature. We gather a range of information from the signatory (under advanced electronic signature legislation) and capture it and place it into a easily verifiable, secure signature that is unique to both the signer and the document. If someone were attempting to forge the signature onto another document. This would not work as the unique signature guides users to the original document secured within E-Sign.
E-Sign also allows for real world identification reports (veri-me) to be embedded into the signature. For true signatory identification. These reports are to the standard of UK anti-money laundering laws. No other signature service provider offers this

Yes, E-Sign offer branded and whitelabel solutions. Simply contact for further information

E-Sign gives you the flexibility to add as many users as required. Please see our flexible price plan. If you need something more, simple get in touch.

No. E-Sign instantly converts your document into a pdf when you upload into your own secure E-Sign account.

E-Sign takes care of this for you. We use ‘unique identifiers’ (as per legislative requirements), to ensure the integrity of the signature capture process is maintained.
E-Sign also allows you to request as much additional information as to wish from the signer, to assure you that your signatory is who you believe them to be.

When uploading a business document into E-Sign it automatically renders it as a pdf securing the integrity of the document.

Using E-Sign your pdf document can be uploaded and e-signed by yourself or sent to others for their electronic signatures.

A wet signature is the written mark made by a person on a document using a hand writing tool such as a pen. 

Use E-Signs signature maker software to create your own online signature to use any time you sign an online contract or business document.

All documents & uploads are stored on our cloud servers, powered by E-Sign’s secure UK based network infrastructure.
Only those who are involved in a document (e.g. The Author or Signatory) can view the document via their account or a secure private link they have received via email.
Important: Once a document is downloaded to your computer, or is stored in your emails, it is then within your responsibility to keep it safe and secure – just as with hard copy documents you receive in the post.

E-Sign data is held in the UK. However, E-Sign can store your data in an accredited data center of your chosen country. E-Sign is deployable in a jurisdiction of your choosing, and can be placed within your own IT infrastructure. Please contact for further information

Everyone involved in the signing of an individual document will receive an e-mail notification of whenever another party has signed. You can see who else is involved in the document signing process by clicking on the document. On the right hand side of the document is an audit column. Here you can see who else is involved in signing. Who has signed the document so far, who is still to sign, and who has declined.

  • Check email address is correct
  • Ask recipient to check spam folder
  • Send reminder

E-Sign captures data as standard practice for an advanced electronic signature service provider, that ensures the integrity of the signer. This includes:

  • The document has been accessed via the signatories e-mail account
  • The location where the document was accessed
  • The device used to access the document
  • The number of times the signer has viewed/accessed the document
  • The time when the document has been accessed
  • That the document has not been amended

Additional key identifiers E-Sign can collect for additional assurance/security are the signers

  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Passport/driving licence number

Please learn about about the E-Sign pricing models, by clicking here

Contact one of the E-Sign support team on and inform them you wish to close your account

RDB ProNet

E-Sign offers free API developer support documents, which can be accessed here.
Set up an E-Sign account and request an API token from

Our E-Sign support team are on hand to provide API support to your development team. If you wish to discuss E-Sign building a platform specific to your requirements, simply contact

  • iComply
  • First Choice Software/RDB ProNet