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How to Add to Team - User Guide

Add multiple team members to your E-Sign account so that your employers can send documents for e-signature on your behalf.

Everyone involved in the signing of an individual document will receive an e-mail notification of whenever another party has signed. You can see who else is involved in the document signing process by clicking on the document. On the right hand side of the document is an audit column. Here you can see who else is involved in signing. Who has signed the document so far, who is still to sign, and who has declined.

Please see E-Sign’s ‘User Guide’ for step by step instructions, or watch the easy to understand Co-Sign tutorial video.

If you have sent a document from your own email address to your own email address, E-Sign recognizes this and places the document in your E-Sign inbox on the dashboard. Consequently, an email notification will not be sent. If you would like to test the E-Sign platform, then please use a different browser with a different email address.

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