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Send a document using bulk send with E-Sign

Send one document to many recipients simultaneously

Getting Started

Once you create your bulk send recipient list, you are ready to send your documents for e-signing. To create an esignature and prepare the document envelope, as described by visiting the signing a document page. To create esignature and use the Bulk Send features you must first be subscribed to the E-Sign Business Pro account.

How do I use bulk send?

How do I use a CSV file for bulk send?

How do I use bulk send with custom fields?

Step by step Guide

Step 1

Select the bulk send option in the “My Extras” section of your E-Sign Dashboard


Step 2

Click on “Upload CSV”


Step 3

To add a bulk list of up to 100 recipients, click ‘Upload a CSV file”.


Step 4

Your CSV file must contain name and email columns as shown above.


Step 5

Once your CSV has been uploaded, the number of correct rows will be confirmed. Select “Process Signatures”.


Step 6

From this point, you will be then taken through the usual esigning process. Each recipient on the bulk list will receive their own documents to esign, for example, if you import a bulk list to E-Sign with 45 recipients, when you send the envelope, 45 separate envelopes are generated and sent from your account for signing.


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