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Permissions User Guide

You can change permission options on a user-by-user basis with E-Sign’s permission’s role based permissions feature. When a new team member is added to an account, they will be assigned a set of permissions which can be edited by the Administrator. This means you can set up advanced access control for each member of the team.

Step 1

To access the permissions for your team from the dashboard, click on ‘My account’.


Step 2

From the ‘My E-Sign Account’ page click on ‘View Team’.


Step 3

All users can view a list of current team members.


Step 4

Administrators can change team member permissions.


Step 5

All Admin users permanently have access to all permissions.


Things to remember

  • Business and Personal plan users do not have access to the permissions feature
  • A maximum of 4 Admin users are permitted on the Business Pro plan, however only 1 Admin user is permitted on the Business plan, if a user changes to the Business plan from the Business Pro Plan, they will have to ensure only 1 Admin is selected in the Team
  • The sharing button on Business Pro has been replaced by the permissions feature

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