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How to upload a document

Uploading documents to your E-Sign dashboard couldn’t be easier.

Step-by-step guide

Step 1

From your E-Sign dashboard you can simply drag a document from its stored location (i.e. desktop, folder) and drop it anywhere on the dashboard.


Step 2

From there, it automatically stores in your ‘Uploads’ section. This can be accessed via the sidebar navigation or the document uploads button. Both of which are situated on the dashboard.


Step 3

Alternatively you can choose to upload your documents via the ‘Upload a doc’ button on your E-Sign dashboard.


Step 4

When selected you are given the choice of where to upload your documents from.


Most frequent uploading a document pack questions

E-Sign can be accessed anywhere on a range of devices including laptop, tablets and mobile phones. E-Sign also has free Android and iOS apps.

Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet explorer.
You can check that you are using the most up-to-date browser by logging into your account and selecting ‘update browser’ from the dropdown menu at the top right hand side of the dashboard page.

The status of a document can be checked via the E-Sign dashboard. Reminders can also be sent to the recipient of a document.

All documents & uploads are stored on E-Sign’s servers, powered by E-Sign’s secure UK based network infrastructure. Only those who are involved in a document (e.g. The Author or Signatory) can view the document via their account or a secure private link they have received via email. Important: Once a document is downloaded to your computer, or is stored in your emails, it is then within your responsibility to keep it safe and secure – just as with hard copy documents you receive in the post.

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